Jordans Village Community Store Ltd

Minutes for AMM

Held Tuesday 23rd March 2022


Committee:  Phil Hughes, Paul Wilson, Phil George, Ali Cork, Angela Hamme

Managers:    Sally Wilson, Paula Baldwin

Members & Villagers:  N. Morgan, C. Waymaouth, A. Sealy, H, Pegham, K Scott, P. Scott, B. Hall, G Hamme

Apologies: G. Wright, K. Bradnock, A&J Sonnex, G&R Short

AMM 2021

As there was no formal AMM in 2021 due to Covid lockdown members voted to accept the reports distributed by email. There was questions or comments.


The Chairman presented his report (copy available).

Phil Hughes also thanked Helen Deninson for all her work while on the Committee and as a volunteer in the shop. He also thanked the staff and the many volunteers who contributed in keeping the shop open during lockdown. He also mentioned the forthcoming shop’s centenary celebration in April, and that the refurbishing plans for the shop.

Sally Wilson presented the managers’ report (copy available). She also thanked customers for their continuing support and the community for their help and support during the Covid lockdown period.

Paul Wilson presented the financial report (copy available). He highlighted the shop’s best ever turnover and profit. Also, he pointed out that there will be an increase in staff and energy costs for the current financial year.

C Waymouth asked about fixing energy tariff and Paul replied that the Committee was looking into the various options.

A Sealy asked if the new advance credit system was working and Sally replied that it is and if much better. He also praised the sales & profit results and congratulated the managers and staff.



There were insufficient members present at the AMM for a quorum and it was agreed to request voting by email.


The following motions proposed at AMM held on the 14th March, 2012, have been approved by members of Jordans Village Community Store Ltd.


Motion 1      --- Approved by 21 members (total number of votes)

The financial statement for the year ending 30 September 2021 has been circulated to members and has been available in the shop for scrutiny by members. It is the Committee's recommendation that this is accepted as a true and accurate reflection of the financial position of the business. Further, as permitted under the Rules, we seek agreement that the said accounts are submitted to the regulatory authorities without being audited or prepared by a professionally qualified practitioner.

Motion 2   ---- Approved by 19 members

As required by our Rules, 2 members must step down from the Committee at each AMM and as stated on the notification of the AMM, Angela Hamme and Phil Hughes were to do this. However, at the time of the AMM as no other member had expressed an interest in standing, both Angela and Phil were prepared to continue to stand. It is recommended that you vote in favour of this.