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Jordans Village Community Store Ltd
Minutes for AMM
Held Tuesday 27 th March, 2023

Committee: Phil Hughes (Chairman), Paul Wilson (Treasure), Angela Hamme (Secretary),
Phil George, Ali Cork, Graham Short
Manager: Sally Wilson
Members & Villagers: N. Morgan, C. Weymouth, K. Scott, R. Hall, C Cork, Mr & Mrs
Roberts, R. Munn, P. Holdsworth, S. Orchard, Mrs Scriven, A.Sonnex, D&J Newport,
V. Hughes, S. Bunce, G. Wright
Apologies: K. Bradnock, J Sealy, P Wardle, F Bagneris

Phil Hughes opened the meeting by thanking the members and villagers for attending,
enabling a quorum as per the JVCS rules.

Approval of last year’s minutes was proposed by N. Morgan and seconded by S. Bunce and
accepted by all present.
Approval for the submission of shop accounts to Rouse in accordance with FCA rules was
proposed by C. Cork and seconded by V. Hughes and accepted by all present.
There were no nominations seeking election to the committee and such Ali Cork and Phil
George were prepared to seek re-election to the management committee; proposed by D.
Newport and seconded by N. Morgan and accepted by all present.
P. Hughes delivered a summary of the Chairman’s report (full version was delivered by email
with AMM Notice and is attached to these Minutes).
Phil concluded by thanking managers, staff and volunteers for their support. He also
thanked everyone involved in running the Jolly Quaker and asked for more volunteers.
Sally Wilson read out the Manager’s report (copy is attached to these Minutes).
Paul Wilson presented a summary of the shop’s accounts and Treasurer’s report (copies of
both attached to these Minutes).


Questions from members:
S.Bunce asked the future profitably of the shop.
P.Wilson answered that it looks like the shop will make a loss of £10,000 for 22 / 23 financial
year but hopes that various fundraising actives will fill the gap.
P.Hughes ask the members and villagers to spend a little more.
A. Sonnex asked about what will happen to the ground rent from the flats above the shop if
they are sold and has the committee consider the implications of JVL purchasing the flats.
P. Hughes answered the legal issue needs further investigation.
C. Waymouth asked if the cash reserves of the shop are earning interest.
P.Wilson answered that he will be looking into the best way this can be done.
S.Bunce asked about what the managers can do to improve trade.
P.Wilson answered that that the stock is being look at constantly for areas of improvement
but limited space is a restriction.
It was asked if the microwave could be made available again. S. Wilson replied that this will
be investigated.
It was suggested that perhaps other village organisations and events could consider making
a donation to the shop.

Suggestion from members:
P.Hughes thanked members for their suggestion and said that the managers and committee
will investigate
 Taking in Amazon deliveries.
 Display goods outside -- perhaps selling flowers.
 Selling hot food.
 Reintroducing the microwave.
 Encouraging parents from school and nursery to use the shop.
 Asking villagers to fundraise for the shop.
 Encourage villagers to leave a donation in their will to the shop.


The following point was raised by C.Waymouth with a reply by P. Hughes and clarified later
by email.
From Chris Waymouth:
Thanks for your explanation regarding the point I raised last night about the co-option of
committee members.
I didn’t want to bang on about it in the meeting as many probably saw it as rather a pedantic
issue, but I’d just like to reinforce my point as follows: 
The Notice of the AMM stated as follows: 
“The present members of the Committee are: Phil Hughes (Chairman), Paul
Wilson (Treasurer), Angela Hamme (Secretary), Graham Short, Ali Cork,
Kate McHugh and Phil George.  Sally Wilson, Lesley Bantock and Jill
Jefferies are co-opted members in their role as joint shop managers”.  
Rule 5.1 says that “Not more than two of the Management Committee may comprise persons
co-opted by the Management Committee”. 
You explained that those three are not actually formally co-opted as such, but – very
understandably given their role – it is helpful to have them attending committee meetings. To
avoid any perceived contravention of the Rules I would suggest that they be referred to as
“invited attendees” or some such term, and not as “co-opted members”.  
P.Hughes reply to Chris
Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated. On the draft of the AMM notice we had just Paula
and Sally but it was changed once Paula's departure had occurred. We will in future only refer to co-
opted members when they are formally 'appointed' by the committee to service a specific purpose
and a defined duration.
An additional note from the Chairman;
For clarification, our rules permit shareholders to be co-opted onto the committee; reference has
been made to this applying to the shop managers. This is not the case, however shop managers are
invited to the committee meetings as their input is valued to improve the quality of some of the
discussions taking place.

The meeting was closed after Ali Cork mentioned the upcoming Auction of Promises fundraising
event for the shop and requesting support from all.

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