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Since 1922

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9am - 4:30pm

Sat: 9am - 5:30pm

Sun: 9am - 1pm


What We Offer

So Much More than just a Village Store!

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Locally sourced bread

Fresh Fruit & Veg

A wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables such as apples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, broccoli, cabbages, potatoes and more.

Fresh Bread

Mon-Sat we stock a variety of rolls, sliced and unsliced breads (including farmhouse white, granary and wholemeal) and a selection of pastries.

Sat & Sun we additionally have fresh croissants & pains au chocolat as well as award winning sourdough based breads.

All our bread is locally sourced.

Refill Station

Refill any container at our environmentally-friendly refill station.

Choose from the following products from the Ecover or Alter/native ranges:

All Purpose Cleaner

Delicate Laudry Liquid

Fabric Softener

Laundry Liquid

Washing Up Liquid

Hand & Body Wash

Emphasis on Local

We like to promote local products where possible. From bakery items to beer and spirits, cereals to ice cream, charcuterie to honey, and much more.

If you are a local company who have something you think would work for us, then please contact us!

Off licence

Post Office

The pop-up Post Office

is open

10am -1pm every Thursday

at the front of the shop.


If you miss our Post Office, you can also find them in the Seer Green Baptist Church every Tuesday morning.


Did you know that shops like Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Boots, etc, will all give our store a % donation if you shop via the easyfundraising app or website?

What's the Catch...?

There is none! It's a way for retailers to make a charitable donation to a good cause so there no hidden charges, you don't give credit card details and you won't get bombarded with emails.


Read more about it on our:

Refreshments To Go

Why not pop in for a cup of freshly ground coffee, tea or hot chocolate to takeaway and a side order of locally  homemade cake?

Wine, Beer & Spirits

A broad range of wines, beers and spirits together with mixers. There is also a selection of crisps, savoury biscuits and nibbles to accompany your drinks.

Jordans Village Store in 1930

About Us

Jordans Village Community Store is an independent community store, owned, operated and controlled by the Village. It is run by a combination of part-time staff and volunteers from the local community.

It started in a very small way in the front room of one of the early workers' cottages by the Village Green. In 1922, the brick building, now used as the Estate Office, was erected and a proper store opened.

The liquidation two years later of Jordans Village Industries Ltd, which threatened the Village's very existence, brought about the Store's closure; but almost immediately, some residents subscribed capital for opening a shop to take its place.

This took the form of a shed on land in front of the Village Hall and business was soon in full swing. In 1930, the Shop Committee felt justified in building a larger store on the site.

The store is now a general grocers, with green groceries, an off-licence, a pop-up post office. It also serves as a natural meeting place for many of those living around the village, so why not come in and receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff and team of volunteers who help keep the shop up-and-running.


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