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"The Jolly Quaker"

Come and enjoy our pop-up pub in the Village Hall, 7-11pm first Friday of each month

Order Online

You can place an order any time of the day or night and it can be delivered free* on a Friday. Orders placed by 12pm will be ready in two days time for the next delivery, or for collection from the shop.

We stock a very wide range of goods; some of the more popular items are listed here but if you would like to order anything that is not shown please call or email us and we will do our best to provide it.

Browse through the list of items we stock below.

* Min. order £5 qualifies for free delivery within 2 miles. Delivery outside this area please contact us.


When placing your first order please call us on 01494 873279 to advise your preferred payment method. This can be either by cheque on delivery, by credit/debit card (by phone) or charged to advanced credit.

Popular Items

  • Fruit and Vegetables

    Delicious, fresh and healthy...

    • Oranges
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Bunch of Grapes
    • 1/2 Cucumber
    • Lettuce
    • Broccoli
    • 250g Tomatoes
    • 250g Carrots
    • 250g Onions
    • 250g New Potatoes
    • 500g Old Potatoes
    • 100g Mushrooms
  • Fresh Bread

    Well known local bakery loaves delivered daily.

    • 400g Wholemeal Sliced
    • 800g Wholemeal Sliced
    • 400g Gldn Harvest Sliced
    • 800g Gldn Harvest Sliced
    • 400g White Farmhouse
    • 800g White Farmhouse
    A photo of the fresh bread available in the store
  • Dairy Products

    All the essentials you need...

    • Skimmed Milk
    • Semi Milk
    • Whole Milk
    • Country Life Butter
    • Mild Cheddar
    • Half Dozen Large Eggs
    • Half Dozen Medium Eggs
    • Longlife Apple Juice
    • Longlife Orange Juice
    • Chilled Orange Juice
  • Delicatessen

    Try something different...

    • Unsmoked Bacon
    • Paté
    A photo of the delicatessen products available in the store
  • Store Cupboard

    For a rainy day...

    • Kellogg's Cornflakes
    • Weetabix 12 Pack
    • Jordans Porridge Oats
    • Jordans Muesli Natural
    • Coco Pops
    • Tinned Baked Beans
    • Tinned Tomatoes
    • Tinned Red Salmon
    • Tinned Tuna
    • Tinned Sardines
    • Tinned Garden Peas
    • Dried Penne Pasta
    • Rice
    • 500g Self Raising Flour
    • 1.5k Self Raising Flour
    • Plain Flour
    • Tinned Peaches
    • Dried Sultanas
  • Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

    Take a break...

    • PG Tips Tea Bags
    • Tettley Tea Bags
    • Nescafe Gold Blend
    • Granulated Sugar
    • Caster Sugar
    • Icing Sugar
    • Digestive Biscuits
    • Digestive Biscuits (Milk)
    • Digestive Biscuits (Dark)
    • Lemon Thins
    • Chocolate Chip Biscuits
    • Chocolate Fingers
    • Cream Crackers
  • Frozen Food

    So you never run out...

    • Garden Peas
    • Green Beans
    • Oven Chips
    • 2 Breadcrumb Cod Fillets
    • Fish Fingers
    • Chicken Pie
    • Steak & Kidney Pie
    • Shepherds Pie
    • Pizza
  • Soft Drinks

    To quench your thirst...

    • Lemon Squash
    • Orange Squash
    • Fruit Squash
    • Lemonade
    • Cola
    • Diet Cola
    • Still Water
    A photo of the soft drinks available in the store
  • Wine and Spirits

    To be enjoyed...

    • White Chardonnay
    • Echo Falls Red Wine
    • Echo Falls White Wine
    • Gordon's Gin
    • Jacobite Whisky
    A photo of the wine, beer and spirits available in the store
  • Household Products

    So you aren't caught short...

    • Ecover Washing Up Liquid
    • Ecover Surface Cleaner
    • Ecover Toilet Cleaner
    • Fairy Washing Up Liquid
    • Persil Gel Small
    • Persil Bio Washing Powder
    • Mr Sheen
    • Cif Power Cream
    • Dettol Liquid
    • Bleach
    • 2 Kitchen Towel Rolls
    • Finish Powerball
    • Kitchen Foil
    • Black Refuse Sacks
    • Small Bio Bags
    • Medium Bio Bags
    • Large Bio Bags
  • Toiletries

    Bathroom essentials...

    • Silvikin Hairspray
    • 4 Andrex Toilet Rolls
    • Palmolive Liquid Soap
    • Imperial Leather Soap Bar
    • Dove 2-in-1 Shampoo
    A photo of the toiletries available in the store
  • Pet Food

    For kitty cats and mans best friend...

    • Whiska Sachets
    • KiteKat Tins
    • GoCat Complete Biscuits
    • Winalot Tins
    • Winalot Shapes
    • Pedigree Mixer Biscuits
    A photo of the pet food available in the store
  • Jordans Village Store Preserves and Pickles

    Have a treat...

    • Strawberry Jam
    • Marmalade
    • Honey
    • Piccalilly
    • Yorkshire Chutney
    • Herb and Fruit Vinegar
    A photo of the preserves and pickles available in the store
  • Stamps

    Whenever you need them...

    • 6 First Class Stamps
    • 6 Second Class Stamps
  • Office Supplies

    All those essential items...

    • Copier paper
    • A4 refill pads (Feint and margin)
    • A4 refill pads (Graph)
    • A4 refill pads (Squares)
    • A4 refill pads (Plain)
    • Polypockets
    • Notebooks
    • Invoice books
    • Sticky notes
    • Folders
    • White window envelopes
    • White envelopes (plain, no window)
    • Manila envelopes
    • Bubblewrap
    • Blu tack
    • Tippex
    • Nescafe Gold Blend coffee
    • Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff coffee
    • Teabags
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